Ute CrossFit Sugarhouse is where our community began sweating together, it’s the original, it’s where we planted our roots.  Our community has grown since we’ve opened these doors, we now have three more locations.  The philosophy on which we built this great community remains the same, FITNESS IS FOR EVERYONE!  When you visit our gyms you will see people of all ages, shapes and sizes working out together.  We not only have a reputation for building elite athletes, we have a reputation for changing our members’ lives.

Fitness is necessary for a healthy, happy and quality life.  One thing we know for sure is, if you don’t enjoy it or see results, you won’t stick to it and do it.  Our coaches are well trained, our members are friendly and together we encourage each other to improve everyday.  If you put in the work, we will all cheer you on, and you will notice the positive effects it has on you.