Wednesday WOD

No doubt about it, kids rule.   Four year old, Bobo Hackenbruck. 
WOD 1:
Goal is to complete each superset on the 2:00.
5×5 Hang Clean @ 75% 1rm
5×3 Knee Jump or High Box Jump-Add a light barbell or hold a ball on knee jumps, but nothing to heavy.  The focus is to be quick/explosive.
WOD 2:
1 Round for time: Sprint
300m Row
8 Hang Clean 95/65lb
30 Mountain Climber
8 Hang Clean
30 Sit Ups
8 Hang Clean
Post WOD
800m Jog/Stretch
9:30 and 10:30 WOD and Daycare

Challenge:On the minute for 7 min.
                 5 Push-Ups
                 5 Hollow Rocks
                 5 Squat Jumps
WOD:3rds for time
          500m Row/400m Run
          10 Hang Cleans 115/75#
          10 Shoulder to Overhead
  • Rest 2min
          100 Ab Mat Sit Ups. Goal is under 3min


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