Friday WOD

You pick day. You can choose what’s behind door number 1 or door number 2.  You also have the option of working solo or with a partner as a good scaling option.

Door #1:
4 Rounds
400m Run
24 Back Squat 135/95
24 Jerk 135/95

(scaling highly encouraged on the above workout. Ask trainers for help)

Door #2:
3 Rounds
50 Burpee
50 Box Jump 24/20″
Run 800m

Post WOD
200m Walk
3x:30 Prone Cobra

Daycare WOD
TBA…oh how scary that is

One Comment

  1. FRIDAY Day Care!!!
    Grab a Partner and lets get to work!
    100 Wall Balls 20/14#
    100 DB Snatches 55/35#
    20 Wall Walks
    100 SDHP w/ KB 24/16kg
    100m Crab Walk:)
    Post Work:800m jog as a group.

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