Running Training Program

Ute CrossFit Sugarhouse Running Program

We will keep it straight and to the point.  We believe in running and we love it.  It is a very big part of fitness and in becoming a well rounded healthy person and fit athlete.  Running can be used in addition to CrossFit or we can can focus on it specifically for running based athletes.  We are strong believers in moving efficiently, economically and effectively and that goes with all training movements, running too.

Our coaches are training and follow Pose Running Method derived by Dr. Romanove.  Learning to run is something each person must make the to do well.  Running properly will allow for injury prevention and for increased running performances.  If you are an avid runner and deal with running injuries this is a very important focus for you.  If you are a runner and want to improve your times or run longer distances, this is very important for you.  If you are new to running and need direction on how to get started, this is a very important are to focus for you.  You get the idea, it is an area of focus we all should visit to find important.  We have running programs such as half and full marathon programs than can be jointly used while training CrossFit type workouts.  We also have coaches who are experienced Triathlon athletes who can give great direction if you are trying to to mix the two training worlds together.

We typically offer biweekly running clinics that will focus on running form and giving individuals a good training base to start from Even if you are not a fan of running, you will run at least one time a week during your CrossFit classes so it is a needed tool in our gyms.