When my basketball career came to an end at Utah State University, I found myself returning back to the summer strength and conditioning program to workout with the girls.  Because athletes and fitness have always defined me as a person, I was so glad to have discovered CrossFit and continue to thrive off of my competitive nature and willingness to challenge my body and mind to the next level.  I fell in love with and became addicted to CrossFit on January 21, 2009.  It seemed this was a type of program I had always hoped for; short, sweet, and painful!  Luckily I started thriving off this elite program with the help of Brad Thorne at CrossFit Cache Valley, and that April I earned my Level 1 certification.  I enjoy coaching CrossFitters and training as one myself.  I find it so rewarding to share knowledge and to teach the techniques involved, that sadly everyday people without CrossFit may have never been exposed to.  Things such as: snatches, deadlifts, wall balls, kettlebell swings, and thrusters.  No more boring, tedious routines and machine work at those “other” gyms!

CrossFit has not only helped me gain strength and endurance, but has truly opened my eyes to a healthier happier lifestyle.  My husband and I welcomed our first baby in October 2010 and I was able to see even more of the great benefits of this elite program with my recovery.  I love you CrossFit!

In the Gym

Taylor is a full time coach at Ute CrossFit.  She coaches our regular WODs and our Elements Program.  Her vivacious personality combined with her experience as a seasoned CrossFit Games athlete makes Taylor a great coach for athletes of all levels.  She makes our clients feel comfortable even through the most challenging workouts.


2013 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champions

2012 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champions

2011 CrossFit Games Competitor



CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
Certified Bad Ass

Personal Records

OH Squat 215+#, Clean and Jerk 205+#, Snatch 170#, Power Clean 210#

Pregnant Fran 3:39