Friday June 3, 2016

***Kids Camp starts Monday June 6 and will run 4 weeks until July 2. Cost is $100 and classes are downtown from 10-11am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can pay Monday when camp starts. We will have 2 coaches and split the group in half for the majority of the work allowing the older kids to work together and the younger kids to work together. 

Special WOD today to celebrate Chris Templins 47th birthday. For anyone who’s been at the gym a significant amount of time you probably know Chris and/or his awesome family. If you don’t, then you will at some point. Great father, husband and all around person. He’s always ready to work hard in the gym, encourage others, help out and he also throws a kick ass Summer BBQ and kickball party every year. When he’s not in the gym there’s a 90% chance he’s skiing up at Alta “shredding the pow”

Happy birthday Chris, you are “udderly” fantastic!
chris halloween

WOD: “47”
100 Burpee pull-ups for time
47 minute amrap Team Row for calories

*Pair up in teams of 4-7 people. On 3-2-1 Go each team is allowed to start getting calories on the rower. Only 1 person can row at a time and you can switch off whenever you want, as many times as you want. During the 47 minutes each person must individually complete 100 burpee pull-ups. Once everyone has completed all of their burpee pull-ups they will all be at the rower and the workout will continue on as a team relay to get as many calories as possible.

**There is a case of really tasty beer at stake for the winning team to keep track of how many calories your team gets.