Friday October 2nd- Partner Fun! Strongman 101 Tonight DT @ 5:00pm!!

Come one, come all! We would love participants and supporters of this great event and cause. Haven’t signed up, no worries. Come Saturday, donate a lil’ something if you can and have fun!



Friday October 2nd- Partner Fun!


Pre Work- Superset this Party Pump!

3 Rounds-

10x BB Curls

10x BB Skull Crushers

20x Floor Wipers (total)


WOD- Complete 100 cal Partner Row throughout workout, switch as often as needed. One person can row and one can work. When 100 calories has been reached, partners continue to share reps, one works while one rests.

25x Manmakers

50x Weighted Sit Ups

100x Heavy Russian KB Swings

200x Double Unders OR 400x Singles (just this time 😉

Score= Time.


Post Work- Cool down walk and chat 🙂 Stretch and Roll 2 target areas!