Monday 5/23/16

Coach Madison Perkins flew in Sunday, and will be helping out at Sugarhouse beginning today. He’s a great dude, lots of coaching experience and we are stoked to have him. Over the next couple weeks take the time to get to know him a little bit and welcome him to the family!

Memorial Day we won’t have any classes but we will be hosting the MURPH memorial workout at Sugarhouse park. We want to see everyone there, it’s a lot of fun and an amazing opportunity to take yourself out of your comfort zone and reflect on those who make our freedom possible.

BB Warm-up

EMOM 5:00
1x 3 second snatch
1x OHS
1x Hang sq. snatch
*use 35% of 1RM


EMOM 5:00
3x Snatch
*power or squat, Build up as heavy as possible


EMOM 5:00
5x Sn. grip DL + 5-10 push-ups
*use the same weight as heaviest set of 3x snatch

kb swing:mtn climber.014