Monday January 25, 2015

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Today we are programming a HERO workout for a local Police Officer recently killed in the line of duty.

Salt Lake City police say Doug Barney was the married father of three children who had just overcome cancer a year before his death and was finally enjoying being healthy again and spending time with his family.

Barney was an 18-year veteran of the Unified and Taylorsville police departments.

Strength Work
A. Work up to 5 RM Strict Press

1B. 3×5 Strict Press drop 5-10 lbs from 5RM
2B. 3×5 each leg Weighted Reverse Lunge. Front foot 4” of floor (stand on 45b plate, bar on back rack position use press weight)

1C. 5x Glute Ham Raise with Partner. controlled falling
2C. 20 second Sled Push Sprint All out

Hero wod Barney.001