Monday March 14, 2016

Good news everyone. Tommy and Rebecca took the CrossFit L-1 cert this past weekend. What that means is 2 things: the gyms can stay open (as long as Tommy passed the test) and also we will *hopefully* be seeing even more of Rebecca now that she is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Announcements: Socks are on pre-order with the order being placed at the end of this week. PLEASE pre-order so we know how many to get. Seriously guys, it’s not like a t-shirt. You don’t need to see if they fit before you buy them. They’re just socks. If they don’t fit you can always hang them above your fireplace at Christmas. Also, a lot of us are still riding high from the Paleo challenge and I’ve had more than a couple inquiries about “what’s next” and specifically about the Brute Body Program. Well, it’s basically a good CrossFit program with a little more structure and volume. If you’re interested in doing a more structured program for the next few months let me know and I’ll set up a group at our gym. Please talk directly to a coach if you’re interested in doing the Brute Body Program because that will be a talking point at our next coaches meeting.

Strength Work

A. 3×20 Deadlift @ 30% of 1RM. Each rep perfect, controlled speed

1B. 3×8 Strict Press AHAP
2B. 3×8 ea. Leg single Leg RDL with kettlebell

sprint wod.001

2×5 Cuban Press
2×20 seconds Prone Cobra hold
2×20 seconds Downward Doggy Dog