Monday October 12th- Max OHS! PRE ORDER YOUR HOODIES NOW!!!

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We are taking PRE ORDER and PRE PAY Hoody orders now! They are $45 and are men sized, so women plan accordingly. We want to have ALL orders in by Wed, Thurs at the VERY latest please. They are PRE ORDER and PRE PAY ONLY, no extras will be purchased. Put your orders in with a coach.


Monday October 12th- Max OHS!

Warm Up- Mandatory Crossover Symmetry

Waiter walk w/KB 40m Right arm,40m Left arm

1min Ankle mobility stretch w/ band and KB (each)


Strength Work- Find your 1x rep max OHS!!!

10x-8x-6x-4x-3x-2x-1x-1x-1x (or something like that 😉

**start with an empty barbell or safe base weight, then bump up each set and continue hitting singles until you get your max**


WOD- **Challenge yourself to UNBROKEN movements**

500m Row, 50x Squats, 40x Sit Ups, 30x Push Ups, 20x Pull Ups, 10x Burpees

Rest 2min

250m Row, 25x Squats, 20x Sit Ups, 15x Push Ups, 10x Pull Ups, 5x Burpees

***The second set should take half of the time as the first, if not the penalty is an 800m Run!***

Score= Time for each segment. Star for Unbroken!


Post Work- Cool down walk/jog/row.


:30sec Prone Cobra

:30sec Couch Stretch (each)