Friday, November 21st-10,8,6,4,2!

Changes to schedule next week for the Thanksgiving Holiday: Come work hard before you relax and eat!! Thanksgiving Day (Thursday): Downtown open: 9am-11:30am, WoD will be 9-10, open gym 10-11:30. Sugarhouse CLOSED all day! Day after

Thursday, November 20th

Thursday November 20th- Bike, Row, Run, Ski, Jump Rope Pre Work: 5-5-3-3-3-1-1 Deadlifts- work up in weight each set, finish with a solid load, doesn’t need to be a PR attempt. WOD: Pick 4 out of 5 exercises Bike- Complete- :50/:10, :40/:20,

Wednesday, November 19th, Hoodies!!

The pre-ordered hoodies are here! If you ordered one, your account will be charged tomorrow (Wednesday,) and you can come to Sugarhouse to pick it up! Wednesday November 19th- Pull Ups, Box Jumps, Push Ups Pre Work: 5 minute core work led by

Tuesday, November 18th-IWT-Squat Cleans

Tuesday November 18th- IWT- Squat Cleans Pre Work: 3×10 PERFECT medball squat cleans THEN warm up your weight for the IWT   WOD: 5 Rounds- rest 2 minutes in between rounds   5x Squat Cleans (75/115#, 95/135#, 115/155#) Max 1 min