Thursday August 27th Thursday August 27th- IWT-OHS

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Thursday August 27th- IWT-OHS


Oly Technique Work- EMOM for 5 min Complete:

1x 8sec Power Snatch, 1x High Hang Snatch, 1x Squat Snatch or 1x Power Snatch + 1x OHS

**Bump up in weight, share bars, only increase weight if ALL movements can be done at that weight**


WOD- 4 Rds

7x OHS (135/95#, 65/95#) Rest 2 min between rounds

250m Row HARD!

1x Attempt at 20x Unbroken Double Unders/ 60x Singles (scale up to, 30x, 40x, or 50x)


**if you don’t get your Jump Ropes Unbroken you must row more meters the next round ex: 2rd-300m, 3rd-350m, 4th-400m, basically 50m increase each time. 5th-10x Burpee Broadjumps immediately after last round if jump ropes are not unbroken on round 4**


Score= Weight and how many unbroken rounds!


Post Work- 400m Jog.  

:30sec Prone Cobra

Roll Quads!