Thursday November 12th- Tommy and Avery Birthday WOD!


Thursday November 12th- Tommy and Avery Birthday WOD!


Pre Work- Conditioning Fun In Partners

6x(3 each) Suicides (5m,10m,15m,20m)

4x(4 each) :30sec ON :30sec OFF Double Unders

2x(2 each) 250m Ski Sprints


WOD- Every 2 Minutes Complete:

150-200m Row

6x Goblet Squats (16/24kg)

8x Static Lunges (hold KB if desired)

10x KB Russian Power Swings (16/24kg)

**In leftover time complete as many mt. climbers as possible, WOD stops when you have accumulated 200-400 mt. climbers(1=1)**

**Coaches please help everyone adjust numbers to make a good workout for them**


Score= Total Time.


Post Work- Cool Down Row. Roll and Stretch!