Thursday October 8th- Barbell Complex!


Thursday October 8th- Barbell Complex


Oly Technique Work- Cleans-warm up to about 75% of your max clean then complete…


  1. 3x Top to Bottom Clean at 1) 75%, 2)80%, 385% **complete a full squat if possible**

WOD- 3 Rounds- go up in weight each round if possible

**Rest 90 sec after finishing a round, including the row if penalized, switch weight quickly ;)**

25x Double Under buy in EACH Round

3x Deadlifts

3x Cleans (power/hang)

3x Press/Jerk

10x Front Squats

***Each time the barbell rest on the ground there is a 5 cal row penalty at the end of each round***


Score= Max weight used.


Post Work- Pigeon Stretch, Couch Stretch, Glute Stretch. Crossover Symmetry.