Tuesday November 17th- Row, Burpees, Doubles Unders!


Tuesday November 17th- Row, Burpees, Double Unders!


Skill Work- Push and Pull


-Push Ups (hardest variation possible)

-Pull Ups (hardest variation possible-strict, ctbar, weighted, kip)

** advanced try 3-3-3-3 MU or 5-5-5-5 Strict HSPU**


WOD- 10 Rounds, alternating from a row and burpees (5 rounds) to a row and double unders (5 rounds) complete in partners in order to have enough rowers, use the transition between partners as your rest, NOT during reps;)

200m Row (sprint!)

10x Burpees

200m Row

40x Double Unders (3x attempts for unbroken for advanced, if not then add 3x burpees to the following round of burpees)


Score= Time.


Post Work- Recover. Stretch and Roll!