Tuesday November 3rd- Tabata Mash Up! OLY Class W/Dave Chiu @ 6pm DT!



Tuesday November 3rd- Tabata Mash Up


Skill Work: 15-20 Min AMRAP

1-3 Rope Climbs

8x Pistols (4x each)

:30 sec Ring Support (scale box support)

5x Deck Squats (scale: use counter weight)

8x Bar Taps

Max Headstand OR Handstand Hold

1min Skill Practice of Choice


WOD: **alternate movements for a total of 16 rounds**

:20sec ON and :10sec OFF

Sit Ups (8 rounds) and Split Jumps (8 rounds)

100x KB Swings (24/16kg)

Double Unders (8 rounds) and Push Ups (8 rounds)


Score= Completion!


Post Work: Cool down row.

:25sec Prone Cobra

1min Pec Stretch in rig

:30 Samson Stretch (each)