Tuesday September 22nd- Run, Row, Squats, Oh My!! Oly Tonight @ 6pm DT!!

*****O.U.R. Rescue fundraiser is Oct. 3rd. We are going to be hosting this event at our downtown gym that day. It’s a fun way to raise funds for a great cause. If any of you haven’t looked into O.U.R. Rescue, you need to get on that. Stat. Tell your friends from other gyms or anyone who would like to come throw down that day, that they can come do the WOD at Ute. I will be inviting and extending invites to all SL crossfit locations. We are hoping to have lots of heats, scaled and Rx divisions and that it ends up being just a big, fun way to get your WOD in that day while raising money for a GREAT cause. Get signed up as soon as you can. Wods will be announced mid-Sept. *****




Tuesday September 22nd- Run, Row, Squats, Oh My!!


Skill Work- A Little Challenge….

Accumulate 200-300 double Unders OR 400-500 Singles in ONLY 4 attempts!

Every break/fail= 3x Body Blasters w/burpee, 5x Perfect Push Ups, 10 sec Handstand Hold w/slow descend

Pass-Yay!  Fail=20x PERFECT Hollow Rocks


WOD- 3 Rounds-

Run 400

Row 500

50x Air Squats

Score= Time.


Post Work- Roll quads, calves, and glutes!

Couch Stretch and Pigeon Stretch.

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