Tuesday September 8th- Open WOD 15.2! Oly Tonight W/Dave Chiu @ 6pm DT!

*****Great turnout for the Labor Day SugarHouse Park WOD yesterday!!!!  Our community is truly the best!!!*****


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Tuesday September 8th- Open WOD 15.2!


Strength Work- Deadlifts

5 sets- work up to about 85% for last set of 2

5x, 4x, 3x, 3x, 2x


WOD- 15.2

**Every 3 minutes complete 2 rounds of:

10x OHS (65/95#)

10x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

**keep increasing reps of each movement by 2 reps until you can’t complete 2 rounds in 3 minutes**

Scaled options- (65/45#) w/regular pull ups-start at 6reps

Masters- (65/45#) w/regular pull ups-start at 10reps (+55=jumping C2bar pull ups)

Scaled Masters- (45/35#) w/jumping C2bar pull ups- start at 6reps


Score= Total number of reps.


Post Work- Crossover Symmetry.  

:30sec Prone Cobra

:30sec Samson Stetch (each)

1 min Splits laying against the wall :0