Upcoming Ute CrossFit Activities!!! READ ME…





1. First off, for Labor Day we are going to have a big nasty park wod (location TBD) and a breakfast brunch afterwards. I hope as many of you can come out as possible. If you will be in town, please come get your sweat on at a fun community wod and get to know your fellow crossfitters at ute. We will be having an 8 and 9 o’clock start times. With a breakfast brunch starting about 10 or so. Ute will provide pancakes and sausages. Please bring a side or a bevy to share. We will hang around and eat at the park for a bit. Hope to see you all there!!

2. Next up. O.U.R. Rescue fundraiser is Oct. 3rd. We are going to be hosting this event at our downtown gym that day. It’s a fun way to raise funds for a great cause. If any of you haven’t looked into O.U.R. Rescue, you need to get on that. Stat. Tell your friends from other gyms or anyone who would like to come throw down that day, that they can come do the wod at Ute. I will be inviting and extending invites to all SL crossfit locations. We are hoping to have lots of heats, scaled and Rx divisions and that it ends up being just a big, fun way to get your wod in that day while raising money for a GREAT cause. Get signed up as soon as you can. Wods will be announced mid-Sept. FYI, It is an individual wod this year, not team.

3. Dudes, Halloween is right around the corner!! And I want you all to put Sat. Oct. 24th on your calendars. We are gonna have our annual ute crossfit Halloween party that day. We will be having a costume contest as well as a talent show? More details to come on that. I know we have some pretty talented Utes. I’d love to see a few of you team up with your outfits and do something really fantastic. No crossfit talents. I don’t want to see anyone max squat. That’s lame. Get creative. I’m working on a sweet dance routine with Kaleo.

4. UTE CROSSFIT COUPLE THROWDOWN!!! I hope you all read that like an announcer at a wrestling match. Cause that’s how I typed it. That’s right. Get a partner. Now. And be choosy. Opposite sex couples. You don’t have to be married, you don’t even have to really particularly like each other, but you do have to be willing to show up and do a comp together on Nov. 14th. I feel like team names, t-shirts, throwback outfits and such are more than appropriate. I will start another thread/post for trash talking once teams begin to form. Cause that’s my favorite part and what I excel at most in any couple comp. and it’s going down!! I hope you all are as excited about this as I am. Major bragging rights to the winners. And a super duper big gulp. Or slurpee if that is more your thang.

Edit: the comp will be scaleable. Is that a word? It is now. I want everyone to come compete and have fun that day. Low pressure, fun day. Except for my trash talking. That won’t be low pressure.

5. Lastly, I know this is way ahead, but we are going to have a Ute Crossfit Nutrition challenge beginning the first of the New Year. You can follow any food program you would like. Zone, Paleo, carb cycling, whatever. But here is the catch. This year, just to shake things up a bit and make everyone crazy it’s gonna be a team challenge. Most likely groups of four. Start mulling that over. Don’t be afraid to do this. Even if you are the picture of perfection, I know you could clean up your diet for 30 days, set a few goals and see the magic happen. Yep, I said that. Also, FYI this doesn’t give you license to eat like a horse over the holidays.


Ute CrossFit Activities Committee