Wednesday November 25th- EMOM for 12 min!



Wednesday November 25th- EMOM for 12 min


Pre Work- Posterior Chain Work

Bulldog Progression- 10x each leg each movement:

-fire hydrants, forward circles, reverse circles, sideways leg raise-point toe down(lay), sideways leg adduction(lay), Glute raise

Accumulate 3 min of weighted planks! (15#-90#)

3×5 Deadlifts @ about 65%, follow each set with 5x Max height Tuck Jumps


WOD- EMOM for 12 min

Odd- 15-20x Wall Balls (14/20#)

Even- 20-25x R. KB Swings (challenge yourself)

Score= Completion!


Post Work- Row 500m at cool down pace


10x Scorpions

:25sec Prone Cobra

1 min Wall Splits