Wednesday September 30th- Interval Fun!

All clients are welcome to participate/cheer. Admission is free of charge, but we encourage you to sign up online and pay a donation of $35, although it is not required. Any and all donations are accepted. Let’s make this event great, just like the great cause!!

Saturday Oct. 3rd Schedule:

NO classes at Sugarhouse.

Free Intro at 9:00am Downtown.

Elements Crash Course at Sugarhouse from 10am-12pm.

NO OLY class.

OUR Throwdown is Downtown @ 11ish am.



Wednesday September 30th- Interval Fun!


Pre Work- Superset 3 Rounds-

a.8x Reverse KB Lunge with KB in front rack (each) (advanced-off a 45# plate)

b.8x Partner Glute Ham Raise

c. 8x SL KB DL (each)


WOD- 2 Rounds-1min at each station with a :10sec transition warning. 1 min rest between rounds.

*Wall Balls (14/20#)

*Plank (add plate to back)**Unbroken**

* Medball Toe Taps**Unbroken**

*KB Snatch/C&J(pick weigtht)

*Alt Leg V-ups(add medball if want)


After 2 rounds, for the Grand Finale…….

*1min Max set of Back Squat (95/135#)


Score= Total Rep Count! Reps of Back Squat.
Post Work- Cool down row. Pigeon stretch, seated glute stretch, and Bat wings.